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Mountain Lions in Texas

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Information obtained from Texas Parks and Wildlife

Mountain Lions in Texas


The mountain lion, also known as cougar, panther, catamount or puma, has the widest distribution of any wild cat from Canada to South America. Prior to European settlement, mountain lions lived throughout Texas. By 1960, predator control, loss of habitat, and human settlement reduced mountain lion numbers and limited their distribution within Texas to the mountainous country in the TransPecos region of West Texas. Since 1983, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has solicited and recorded voluntarily reported sightings and mortalities of mountain lions. Mountain lion sighting and mortality information, rather than actual population estimates is used to assess the presence of the cats in certain areas. Currently, sightings of mountain lions have occurred in all 254 Texas counties. However, not all sightings are confirmed. Mortalities provide a more accurate reflection of where mountain lions have lived. Mortalities have been recorded in 67 counties (see Texas Mountain Lion Mortality Reports, 1983 to 2005).


Mountain Lion Mortalities


The mountain lion is a large, slender cat with a smallish head and noticeably long tail. Their color is a light, tawny brown, which can appear gray or almost black, depending on light conditions. Contrary to popular belief, there are no black panthers in Texas; no one has ever captured or killed a black mountain lion. Its size (total length) ranges from about 6 ½ feet in females to as much as 8 ½ feet in males. Male cougars weigh between 100–150 pounds, and females weigh between 45–96 pounds. In the wild, cougars live about 10 to 11 years. Their range in Texas is primarily in the west, south, and central regions.


Cougars are active in the mornings and evenings as well as at night. They are solitary animals except during a short (3–5 days) breeding time, which can occur at any time of the year. Most litters are born in the summer and fall and average 2–3 kittens. Cubs stay with the female until they are 11 to 24 months of age, when they leave and begin looking for their own home range. The size of a lion’s home range is determined by prey abundance and availability, topography, and the presence of other lions. Male home ranges usually encompass the range of several females and vary from 80 to 200 square miles.  Males do not usually tolerate other male cougars in their home range. Female home ranges are normally 20 to 100 square miles and may overlap.  


In Texas, mountain lions prey primarily on white-tailed deer and mule deer.  Javelina, pronghorn antelope, feral hogs, big horned sheep, raccoons, coyotes, porcupine, opossum, rabbits and a variety of other small mammals also supplement their diet. Mountain lions will occasionally take domestic livestock. Although cattle and horses are less vulnerable to lion predation once they have grown in excess of 500 pounds, sheep, goats, and pigs remain vulnerable for their lifetime. Ranchers experiencing livestock loss due to mountain lions or other predators may contact the USDA/APHIS/Texas Wildlife Damage Management Services at (210) 4725451, for assistance.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department continues to maintain records and solicit information on mountain lion sightings and mortalities. This information is used primarily to document the distribution of cougars and assess the presence of the cats in certain areas. If you have seen or killed a mountain lion recently, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department would like to hear from you.


To report a mountain lion sighting, call the toll free number (800) 792-1112. You may also report to TPWD headquarters, or you may call the nearest office:


Alpine                (432) 837-2051

Brownwood       (325) 645-5977

Canyon               (806) 655-3782

Kerrville             (830) 896-2500

Pleasanton          (830) 569-8700

Rockport            (361) 790-0306

San Angelo        (325) 651-4748

 Tyler                  (903) 566-1626.


Despite reports of mountain lion attacks on people in California, mountain lion attacks are rare. Only four attacks on humans in Texas have been reported since 1980, all of them in remote areas of West Texas. From 1890–2001, there were 98 attacks across the U.S. and Canada, 17 of those were fatal. Cougar attacks have increased during the past few decades but are still much rarer than other hazards from animals or nature. For example, dogs annually kill 18–20 people and inflict suture-requiring injuries on 200,000 U.S. residents. Increases in cougar attacks are probably due to increases in their numbers and more people using wild lands and building residences in areas where mountain lions live.


If you live in an area inhabited by mountain lions, these preventive actions will help you avoid a possible attack:

·         Install outdoor lighting in areas where you walk after dark.

·         Remove any vegetation a lion could hide in near children’s play areas and your house.

·         DO NOT FEED WILDLIFE, including deer.  Remember, predators follow prey.

·         Keep pets under control. If pets are left outside overnight, confine them to kennels with tops.

·         Store all garbage securely.

·         Hike with others, carry pepper spray and a walking stick, and avoid early morning, dusk and nighttime excursions.

·         DO NOT APPROACH a mountain lion to get a better view or picture.


If you encounter a mountain lion:

·         Pick up small children to prevent them from running and triggering a rush or attack.

·         Stay calm, talk calmly, and slowly back away, keeping eye contact with the mountain lion. DO NOT RUN OR TURN YOUR BACK.

·         Do what you can to appear LARGER by raising your arms or waving a stick.

·         If the lion is aggressive throw rocks or sticks, and speak firmly and loudly.

·         FIGHT BACK if a lion attacks you. Lions can be driven off by fighting back. DO NOT PLAY DEAD. Even children have successfully driven off a mountain lion by fighting back.

·         Report all aggressive mountain lion behavior.


Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Wildlife Division,
4200 Smith School Road, Austin, TX  78744


Author:dnicholas Comment Left:08/25/2009 03:13

I have now seen 3 black mountain lions in this area.  I saw a black mountain lion on the Grosvenor cutoff from Bangs to Grosvenor 8 yr ago near Salem Cemetary now tonight I just saw 2 black mountain lions on the FM road from Bangs to Santa Anna VERY near Bangs.   sightings in 8yr when most people have never seen any and don't believe in them. 

Author:nightowl Comment Left:08/29/2009 21:40

I believe this. I live in Cypress, Texas and have seen them here. Have talked to other people who have seen them, also. It seems to make sittings about every 5-10 yrs. depending on rain fall, not sure why. Just in the last month I have seen a mountoin lion/cougar. No one believed me till neighbor saw it crossing the road. have had two other people tell me, they've seen it also. One even saw it in same spot as my neighbor. Called TP&W to report sitting, and was told I was full of SH**. That there aren't any black panters or mountain lion/ cougars in Cypress (Harris County). I know what I've seen and what I've hear, in woods behind my neighborhood. So, if you live in Cypress (Barker Cypress & Jarvis) beware. And you better believe they're here. 

Author:nightowl Comment Left:08/29/2009 22:04

Just last Saturday, was told about a Bobcat. It was hit on Jarvis Rd. The people that told me about it don't joke about this stuff. They both had never seen one that big. From head to tail, said " measured between 3-1/2 to 4 ft. and body was massive." Hopefully if there's another one out here it doesn't hurt anyone.

Author:fish20 Comment Left:09/27/2009 20:23

i was fishing on flatbank creek in sugarland with a friend around dusk 7.30 pm. with a friend something told me to look behind me .i almost pooped my pants there was a large at least 200 pound mountain lion stalking toward us we were both knealing down fishing .when i told my friend hey look at that ! we both stood up. i guess the lion must have mistaken us for smaller prey because when we stood up he turned and walked back into the woods.he did not run! he kept eye contact with me the whole time. this lion had no fear of us.i have never been more afraid people who live in that area use caution LIONS ARE THERE!!  called t.p.and wildlife they told me it probably was a bobcat.i hung up the phone in frustration. this was not a bobcat this thing was longer than i am tall. and i am 6 ft. 1.

Author:wohalliburton Comment Left:10/07/2009 15:07

In my opinion they're a lot more abundant than the TPWD would have you to believe.

Author:outdoorlady Comment Left:10/13/2009 19:22

I live off of Telge and Huffmiester.  We also came face to face with a mountain lion around 2 in the morning.  Our outside light was triggered, so we woke up.  This thing was not afraid of us at all.  He just stared us down and then clamly walked away. 

Author:csddarden Comment Left:12/08/2009 11:27

My buddy Trey missed a black cougar in Ballinger last season while deer/duck hunting. Wouldn't have believed it if the guide/landowner wasn't there to confirm it.

Author:S&W outfitters Comment Left:12/16/2009 11:29
Author:S&W outfitters Comment Left:12/16/2009 11:35

We do alot of Mt Lion hunts in West Tx and N.M for more Info and pictures please e- mail us,

Author:comanche Comment Left:02/16/2010 10:43

Spotted a mountain lion on the back of my property on 2/15/2010 at 10:00 AM.  Got my binoculars to verify and couldn't believe what I was seeing.  TPW told me to report to the County Game Warden.  Game Warden told me the lions are out there, sightings are rare, wanted to know what I wanted him to do, told him just wanted to report and curious if anyone else had seen any.

Author:comanche Comment Left:02/16/2010 11:02
Author:chad Comment Left:04/02/2010 23:42

yes here recently my sister was sitting at her computer when she heard her cat shreel,she's had this cat for 6 years and she's never heard it cry out like that before.So she got up ran outside and she said that there was a big black cat that stood at least 2 1/2 feet and its paws were big also it had her cat which is a full grown tabbi cornered on our front porch. She then ran at it screaming she said it didn't budge luckily i had been turning our flower beds over earlier that day and i left the shovel upright in the dirt so grabbed that and charged at the cat then thats when it ran away. When she first told me the story i told her it must of been a bobcat i've seen one around here last fall but then she told me how big it was and i said no way in disbelief. Come to find out later on in the week talking to my neighbors they've saw it to and they've described it just like my sister has. Now im a little curious i mean we live in fort worth but on the outter edge close to benbrook whats the chances of a big cat like that living around here there is alot of country side just down the road from us and a good size creek not more than 2 football fields away nestled between a path of trees and it empty's into the clear fork of the trinity river. Im curious if i should call the animal control or someone that could trap it because an animal that size is kind of frieghting if you know what i mean.

Author:chargeinc Comment Left:04/14/2010 14:48

These "black lions" being sighted are not lions, they're jaguarandi.  Don't shoot one because they are threatened and protected.  They have a long tail,blackish in color and smaller than a lion but bigger than a bobcat.  They like creeks and don't like populated areas, typically.


Author:brentam Comment Left:05/05/2010 11:28

QUESTION...If someone reffered the cat we have around our area a "Mexican Panther" what would that classify as? We have seen it several times during the year and a few times while coyote hunting.

We also have seen a very large tan cat that we believe to be a Mountain Loion, but can never call it up. We know that it is ruffly 100 pounds and is usually out about dusk. We know of a few dog that have been attacked, and we hear of livestock (calves) being killed. People around the area have also said they have heard a woman scream (the cat we assume) in the middle of the night.

I'm in Fort Bend is it really possible? And how would we determain an actual population of them?


Author:Brucep Comment Left:05/06/2010 22:39

Brentam, where did you see the Mountain Lion? I saw a tan one at Brazos Bend State Park, 40 Acre Lake picnic area after sunset around a year ago. No doubt on the ID. Not a Bobcat, etc. I've been told that park staff are aware of them being there, but don't publicize it, as to avoid scaring visitors. I walked out of the bathroom, and there he was around 40 feet away. He turned and looked me dead in the eye, and then continued deliberately (a trot, not high speed panic) into the forest to the south of the playground. No pictures, as I had locked my camera in the car while using the facilities.

Author:Khaleyblackmore23 Comment Left:05/11/2010 10:28

I live in Wichita Falls,TX and last night around 11:30pm i was driving and saw an abnormally large bobcat on the railroad tracks. The neighborhood is in a canyon and bobcats are everywehre. We are told not to leave our pets in the back yard bc they are attacking animals. Well My dog and I see this huge cat, i have never seen one so big and it went underneath a rail car. sat there waiving its tail and kept its eyes on me the whole time. This was No bobcat. This was definitely a Mountaiin Lion. We have alot of feral pigs around, white tail and calfs. Where it was coming from was where the baby calfs were earlier that day! I was freaking out trying to snap a picture while my dog was freaking out wanting out of the car to Chase it!!! Good thing he only knows how to lock the doors and not open the windows!!

Author:brentam Comment Left:05/14/2010 13:43

Brucep - I live in Needville, TX. And he was seen right on the outside of town

Author:cqn Comment Left:07/23/2010 21:57



I live in Tye, Texas vary close to Abilene right next to the Air force base, and me and my wife and kids have seen mountain lions many times right in back of my fence and on the side of my house and some have been so big that me and my family have mistaken it for a lion from Africa. We are vary concerned and would like to see if there is a way to remove the lions from are area because we are in a residential area we just happen to have a wild area in back of are house and my 7 year old daughter just came in screaming and crying from seeing one right next to her in the alley.

Author:ethan1655 Comment Left:10/19/2010 11:02

I own a small ranch in Coryell county. I have seen two moutain lions in the past year and found tracks were they have crossed my property. One is a fawn color, looks to be about 120 to 130 pounds and the other is a black, that looks to be about 90 to a 100 pounds. I saw the larger of the two, sitting across the FM from my front pasture. It was right at dusk. The black one I saw one afternoon as I was walking out to feed my livestock. I was about 60 to 70 yards from it when it ran off into the cedar trees on the neighbors property. It was bright enough outside that I got a very good look at it, and had a positive identification on it. Called the game warden and he had already received three reports on it in the last two days. I am leaving them alone as long as they leave my livestock alone.


Author:Jesseaedon Comment Left:10/21/2010 02:31

I live in La Porte, TX. I went out to make use of the new cement trail that runs along Fairmont Pkwy very early on Oct 21st. As I reached the cement path I released my 2 dogs from their leashes and they immediately gave chase to what I thought was a rabbit or deer. I didn't see anything; I just assumed. After a few minutes of calling them they did not return, which is not characteristic of them. I grew concerned and felt helpless. After attempting to enter the brush to call/ retrieve them I ran back to my SUV which was parked at a nearby convenient store. I drove it across Fairmont and saw a big cat which was illuminated by the street lights and the lights from the stores. The cat was coming from the area where my dogs grew excited and where i had been hollering for them. There was no mistaking it. The cat was big, orangish-brown, and had a long tail. I saw a mountain lion in La Porte, TX. 

Author:valadezgrace Comment Left:11/01/2010 00:05

I live in Scurry County, and I grew up in the country, so I am aware we have Bobcats in the area. My husband works for a local Oil service company and has to drive to locations all over the county. He came home one day stating he had seen a black Bobcat. I told him and even showed him a picture of a Bobcat on our computer he said "Yes, but this one was black. Could it be a fluke color on some here in this area. Does anyone know or seen of Bobcats being black in color?

Author:bwoods Comment Left:12/15/2010 10:14
Author:JohnB Comment Left:05/27/2011 04:37

Saw a cougar crossing US Hwy 84 between Justiceburg and Post this past Sunday morning (5/22/11). Guess the wildfires have them moving around a lot more.

Author:texanndoty Comment Left:06/06/2011 01:30
Author:texanndoty Comment Left:06/06/2011 01:37
Author:Shawna Comment Left:07/07/2011 18:58
Author:TLankford Comment Left:08/11/2011 13:37

Just spotted a large cat the size of a mountain lion but dark in color at 7:00 A.M. this morning at my deer feeder about 100 yards from my house on the eastern edge of Taylor County on Buck Creek.  I have four German Shepherd's and it was the size of my large male shepherd.  My dogs were barking so I assumed the two large bucks I've been watching were feeding.  I was very surprised.  We live about one mile from the Abilene city limits.

Author:ted grimes Comment Left:08/27/2011 16:29

Friday August 26 approx. 6:30 witnessed a mountain lion (70 +- yds) crossing co.172 south of LaWard about 3-4 miles heading east to west. estimate it to be full grown. dark tan in color.


Author:treyhicks2k3 Comment Left:08/27/2011 17:57
Author:treyhicks2k3 Comment Left:08/28/2011 11:21
Author:debobjack Comment Left:07/15/2012 16:52

We just saw our 2nd cougar/mountain lion in 3 years.  The first one - no question about it - we were up front and personal!  It looked identical to the pictures on the internet.  The one today, could possibly have been something else - but we think it was a cougar.  The first one - positively identified - came up out of Dry Creek on Cypress Rosehill (Cypress, TX).  The one today was on Fry Rd just past Bridgeland.  They are both actually the same road but change names at Hwy. 290.  Both were tan.


Author:silvermakus Comment Left:07/17/2012 23:47

i saw a mountain lion last night in la porte, tx (sens rd between spencer and fairmont hwy) ill call and report it in the morning since its closed right now.. i had no idea we had mountain scary!!! 

Author:chuckmoore Comment Left:07/22/2012 10:26

I have a small ranchette in Southern Grayson county and about a year ago we had a smaill lamb that was missing. We suspected a coyote had gotten it but we could find no trace of the remains. The next day we learned from a neighbor that she had lost 8 goats to what she found out was a female mountain lion with 2 cubs. We worked with a professional tracker who set live traps for them with no success. The tracker showed us where one of them jumped the fence, grabbed the lamb and jumped back over the fence for the two or three of them eat the lamb.

I then recalled the evening before our lamb vanished that I heard our livestock guardian dogs barking like crazy out in the pasture then I heard a horrible scream that I discounted that I  could not be hearing a mountain lion near my place. The livestock dogs do not have access to the pasture where the sheep are or they would have confronted the lion face to face.

The next night a neighbor lost an 18 hour old calve. In all, people in our area lost about 20 animals to the trio before they moved on. The creeks and rivers are their highway and the chances of you seeing one is rare but now our sheep come into the barn every night. This female had found a sweet spot to teach her young how to hunt and kill.

The tracker's plan was to trap the cougers and transport them to the Florida Everglades where there is an isolated group that needs new blood to survive.

The tracker told us that this was one smart cat and all of his efforts to trap them failed.



Author:simatovi Comment Left:09/08/2012 00:02

I live in Keene, TX.  This is in Johnson County.  My neighbors spotted a mountain lion about a year ago.  We live in a heavily wooded area, close to a railroad track.  The neighbors have seen in several times in the last year and last night my 18 yr. old son finally saw it.  He said it is bigger than our Anatolian Shepherd dog and is a darker shade of brown.


Author:txgal Comment Left:09/15/2012 21:07

I live in Lindale, TX in the Mt Sylvan area near the intersection of CR 434 and Hwy 110.  I saw what I believe to be a very young mountain lion this morning about 9:25 am.  It was overcast and about 69 degrees.  I spotted it from my window about 60 yards  away.  It was longer and taller than a typical domesticated cat and had a very long tail.  It appeared black from that distance.  I grabbed the binoculars and went outside.  I got a very good look at it through the binolculars about 50 to 80 yards away.  It was a dark gray/tan color with markings of a young feline.  I actually saw a hawk swoop down toward it.  It was all amazing.

Author:bigred11 Comment Left:09/30/2012 21:31

I have recently seen a mountain lion on my property. It screams like a woman late at night.  My neighbors have also seen a mountain lion and they say its a female with 3 cubs.  I live in jonesboro tx in hamilton CO.

Author:Tbunton Comment Left:10/23/2012 15:03
Author:Tbunton Comment Left:11/05/2012 15:00
Author:Paul Koby Comment Left:11/18/2012 21:56

Driving from Simonton to Sealy on 1458 at about 4:30 P.M. this evening I saw what I believe to be a mountain lion cross the road in front of me. Location was about 2 miles north of the intersection of 1458 and 1093 just past the creek bridge. I was close enough to see that his color was a dark brown which supprised me. I have seen another one cross the road in the same area with in the last 2 years but it was a tan color. I spotted one crossing FM 1093 near Eagle Lake one morning and I have also seen one crossing  530 near Speaks, TX. I have lived in Simonton for over 30 years and have only seen the cats in the last 3. They are out there.

Author:CMaruna Comment Left:11/24/2012 11:16

I spotted a mature Mountain Lion crossing CR 102 in Santa Anna, Texas this morning around 11AM. He was crouching as he was crossing the road.He was a big cat.

Author:Choochtex Comment Left:12/01/2012 08:46

My girlfriend and I spotted a large (guesstimate around 150-175 pounds) black cat crossing US80 between Forney and Terrell last Sunday (11/25) morning around 10:15am. It was running at a high rate of speed with long tail (Not a hog for those that doubt). I would guess guess about 4-5 feet in length nose to end of tail. 

Not sure if it was Mountain Lion, Panther, whatever, but it was big, fast and black. 

Author:sommersod Comment Left:12/30/2012 19:29

We live on several acres in Dickinson, Texas just off the Gulf Freeway. We have a walking trail through the property and tonight about 5:30pm we were walking the property. My husband was behind me taking pictures and I came upon a large cat, about 40 or 50 lbs, looking into the brush. I was down wind so the animal was unaware that I was there, The ears looked pointy, with long whispy hair along the belly, tan in color. Once the cat realized I was watching he turned, sat down and we just looked at one another for a few minutes. Soon I could hear my husband coming up the trail and the cat turned, which is why I know it had a very long tail that got dark at the end. My husband also had a sighting about 2 years ago. As I stood there looking at this cat it was like am I really seeing this!

Author:debralecompte Comment Left:01/25/2013 19:12

My husband and I live on FM 331 in Austin County, Texas between Bellville and Sealy.  They front of our property is heavily wooded, heavily wooded on both sides, and Mill Creek is just about a mile from our house, and  we are hearing "screams" from the woods.  A neighbor has told us of having seen a "black panther" about 10 years ago.  We listened this evening to recordings of the sound of mountain lions, I am certain there are "lions" in the woods.  I think the wild fires have driven them this direction. January 2013

Author:debralecompte Comment Left:01/25/2013 21:33

That sounding like a woman screaming describes completely how they sound in the woods.

Author:Dude Comment Left:02/06/2013 20:41

I was hunting on our deer lease in the southern end of Duval county this past weekend. I only saw a few deer that Saturday morning. Very unusual, normally see 10-20 every day. About 10:30 saw  large cat cross an opening that was maybe 150 yards wide. It was tan colored,  low to the ground moved and swiftly enough that I could not get my bi-nocs on him or my camera. Make no mistake, it was a cat and beautiful. By the way, four years before I saw a wolf at the same location and very close to me. I know wolves, as when I was a youth, we  hunted them on a ranch that I worked on in the early 60's. I know there are not supposed to be wolves in Texas now ... but there is a least one. Tight lines and long shots to all.

Author:debralecompte Comment Left:02/07/2013 18:51

Let me preface my comment with some personal information.  I do not drink, at all, I take no medications except for blood pressure..Our little miniature goat got out, and we could not catch her for a couple of days.  The guy who delivered the porta poddy for the construction roped her and we put her up in her very good pen with a top.  I was taking the guy to show him on of the deer stands.  I knew I was hearing a mountain lion, other sightings have happened at Cat Springs lately, and we live in Sealy, Texas.  It is NOT a mountain lion.  It is a BLACK PANTHER!  I am 60 years old have been around huinting all my life... there isn't anyone going to tell me that I didn't just see about dusk a black as coal 8 ft to tail tip BLACK PANTHER.  That goat bleating like that without stopping called it up!

Author:jwrag1985 Comment Left:03/28/2013 23:15

I live in Northwest Grimes county and have been here for 9 years. I have witnessed cougars in the the area multiple times.  I have seen one cross FM244 near the old Lignite Mine and a dead young cat on State Highway 30 about 2 miles east of Brazos county line. In August 2009, I witnessed a mature cat on my 10 acres in the late evening. The cat was seen chasing deer multiple times in the next 2 months within 300 yards of my house.  My next door neighbor witnessed the cat sitting next to my back porch at about 3 am one morning in the month of Sept. that year.  The Cougars are normal residents in the area in and around the Navasota River which is about a mile from my house about 13 miles south of Iola.

Author:Kerryk Comment Left:04/17/2013 21:29

My name is Kerry and I spotted a yellow tan mountain lion in 2010

with my mother in law on 707 in Abilene Taylor county we had just moved from NYC 

so imagine my surprise ortho was February clear dark night . About 2 weeks later on same road 

i saw a smaller cat that looked like a panther I called the zoo next day and was told I was mistaken . I'm not a idiot and know alot about animals I SAW A BLACK PANTHER no mistake 

i have not seen anything sense but it would make sense since it was running in the cow pastures from the direction of steamboat mountain towards Antilley road . I asked a bunch of locals from the area and some residents who live on steamboat and they all said they have heard the scream of the cougar many times 

and that they have seen a smaller black panther as well . We recently where coming back from steamboat around 9pm nice clear night and saw a very large black bird much bigger then any hawk I've ever seen and wondered what you might think it is ?? Any help would be great I wondered if it was a vulture I've heard they can take small dogs away is that true ??

Author:antignolo Comment Left:05/07/2013 07:32

I saw a large cat while deer hunting outside Lovelady in November 2012.  I noticed movement and started to prepare for deer at the feeder.  The deer never showed, instead a large tan cat with a very long tail cruised passed my feeder and was gone.  With the tail I saw there is no way this was a bobcat.  I estimated the weight to be 90-100 pounds.  Makes walking to the stand in pitch dark a little more exciting.  Another hunter witnessed the same thing the following morning in a stand about 250 yards from where I saw it. 

Author:Dog12angel Comment Left:08/07/2013 00:20

My friend and I saw a black mountain lion at Turnersville,Texas on August 6,2013.

It was about 100lb size animal. It had a roar that made chills come over me. Need help to get rid of it. Anyone know what to do

Author:BBNBRENHAM Comment Left:08/25/2013 19:36

I saw a mountain lion (cougar) on our BRENHAM PROPERTY

I had my mother and a couple of her friends over 

i took them for an evening golf cart ride through the pproperty ( right about dusk)

 I stopped to notice a very LARGE Cat, more grayish than tan, very long tail

it heard us pull up, stopped walking, turned his head and stared at us, ( we were all very quiet, stunned I think!) then it turned away and started walking away, ( like a slow saunter)

it definitely was NOT scared of us!

Author:Muduck Comment Left:09/01/2013 07:17

Large Cougar/Mountain Lion near Bryson,Tx. 8/29/13. 1-2 am GameCam

caught it chasing Feral Hog.

Author:Hitting Comment Left:09/15/2013 23:59

I was traveling east on Hwy 225 near  Laporte Texas near the Sens Rd exit when a large cat ran across the west bound lanes then across in front of My car... It was traveling south into a small wooded area.. It was a very strange site for the area I was in...

Author:dharlan Comment Left:09/24/2013 09:26

2012-Grayson County-I walked outside to the east side of my house around 7:30pm one evening, and just as I looked across the property, a yellow/tan mountain lion was walking casually to the north of the property.  The portion of land it was crossing is an acre, and it walked the entire length of it, never looking alert, concerned or alarmed at anything.   It was large, healthy looking,  and a very long tail.   I slowly went back into the house and grabbed my camera, went to the window and started snapping, he walked over to a pile of lumber that had been stacked at a back fence and flopped down, as if he were planning on napping or resting.  I started snapping, I got one shot of him after he had come off the wood pile, and then another before he jumped the fence into a wooded area.

Author:fairweather Comment Left:12/28/2013 14:36

On 12/2/13 at +-16:30 I was traveling back to my ranch on Indian Springs Road in Young County, Texas when about 40 yards in front of my pickup ran a all black cat of around 50 lbs. Went across the road up a slight imbankment, through a barbed wire fence and disapered into thick brush. The coat was dark and shiney black with a large head. 

Author:anointed2 Comment Left:01/12/2014 16:39

Early December my game cam picked up a blurry, leaping "cat-like" animal.  It is obvious that it is in pursuit of something, deer or hog.   Even though it is blury, one can make out a very long tail, crooked at the end in typical cat fashion.   It is leaping with front paws up in the air, and stretches past the midpoint of a ten foot feed trough.   I personally believe that it was a mountain lion.   Nothing else fits.  my renter's wife also said she had seen a female with cups crossing near my house.   I live 7 miles East of Tuscola.  Early in January, near the trough, my brother found some remains of a large hog.  Don't know if lion killed it, but it makes sense being so close to the trough.

Author:KF6TCF Comment Left:03/22/2014 09:09

Had a large cat and her cub, visit my property in Simms TX last week and my Livestock Guardian Dogs kept them away from my goats and miniature Scottish Highlanders.  Found prints inside and out of the pasture where tha animal are housed.  

Author:bartramle Comment Left:03/24/2014 10:31

I live in Wood County 4 1/2 miles north of Hawkins. My wife was driving on CR 3520 about 1/2 mi. from our home and a very large mountain lion leaped across the road in front of her. She was close enough to see it had some spots on it's lower body. The cat is believed to have killed at least 2 domesticated goats on a nearby farm. He was yellowish in color.

Author:Elaine1027 Comment Left:04/19/2014 22:46

My son is visiting his mother in-law in Blanco, Tx.  He was startled by a mountain lion tonight.  This has happened on several occations.  His mother in-laws cats are quickly disappearing and the cougar has no fear of going to the house.  My son has tried several times to find and kill it, as his mother in-law is very frail, and it would make quick work of her.  What can we do to get this cougar to leave the area?  The mother in-law doesn't want to kill it.  Anyone want to livetrap it???