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ADWA Launches New Video on CWD Myths

Written on: 08/20/2012 by: ADWA        
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Texas -

As hunters and conservationists, it's important for us to promote good stewardship of wildlife. But it's even more important for us to make wildlife management decisions based on facts, not propaganda.

ADWA is proud to launch it's new 30-second video to promote education on Chronic Wasting Disease.

Watch the Video Now

Some hunting groups and even some state agencies have intentionally incited fear among hunters about CWD. They have suggested that CWD could wipe out a state's entire deer herd with a massive contagion, and that CWD is the biggest national threat to whitetail deer. This rhetoric is just blatantly false and misleads hunters as to the true facts about CWD. That's why we need to dispel the myths.


But we'll need your help to spread the word.

With your support and donations, we can educate more hunters about CWD before the fall hunting season begins.

To support our CWD Myths Campaign, please call 512.778.6292 or email

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