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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Predator Hunting >> Place to hunt

Place to hunt


yoteantidote writes about Place to hunt
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I'm a very experienced predator called from Michigan that just moved to the San Antonio area and I would like to take part of this states awsome predator hunting, but I don't know where to start.  Anyone that needs a partner, or can point me in the right direction?  Any help would be appreciated.


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RE: Place to hunt


Whit7226 writes about
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I have found that either you need to know someone (ranch owner), buy a state hunting permit, or $$$ way to much to kill an animal that you could get paid to kill where you are from. I have lived here for four years and I am finally moving. I love Texas, but I grown up in Maine and will say the hunting is not the best. The people are nice, but it cost too much to hunt on their land. In Maine you can hunt any place that is not posted. The idea of paying to kill God's critters is stupid. Besides, hunters like you are doing people a number by removing unwanted pests. Best of luck.

RE: Place to hunt


yoteantidote writes about
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Thanks for the only reply, depending on the price I would be willing to pay for acess to someones private property.  I only want to hunt predators, and only have time to go a few times a year.  I would go with a guide, but the ones I have found only offer 5 hour hunts for the night.  Willing to pay, but I want more than just five hours since I  cant go that often.

RE: Place to hunt


bmw0311bmw writes about
Points: Y (0) / M (0)
Frio county



google texas predator posse. they are around your area and do some hunting and would prob have a good idea for you

RE: Place to hunt

Predator Hunts
Predator Hunts
Predator Hunts writes about
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or google cowboy predator hunts... Hehe. we hunt around 400 thousands acres in Texas!

RE: Place to hunt


brentam writes about
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Fort Bend county

I have never heard of someone having to pay to go coyote hunting...where in Texas are yall??? Around here, you just mention it and the farmer come out the wood work with offers.

RE: Place to hunt

Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose writes about
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My husband and I are just now getting into the coyote hunting. We live east of Houston and are having a hard time finding anywhere to hunt outside the national forest which is over hunted. Where do you go about finding the farmers to talk to? There are a lot of farming areas over here and a lot of coyotes.

Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Predator Hunting >> Place to hunt

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