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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> General Hunting >> hunting east texas

hunting east texas

tufffish writes about hunting east texas
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Trinity county

i have never deer hunted east texas.  my whole life i have been in west texas.  can anyone tell me how much difference the hunting is?  i am thinking about trying east, but i know how good it is in west texas.  when i stay out west for 3 months i loose the good fishing i could be doing if i was east.  is the hunting good enough to stay east for the whole year?

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RE: hunting east texas


ETXFIREMAN writes about
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What part of East Tx are you looking at hunting in? I live and hunt at my house between Canton & Mabank. I shot 2 doe during bow season and my father-in-law shot a spike Thanksgiving wekend. The only buck I saw that was 13 in. was across the road from my place. I saw several small bucks when hunting and on the trail cam. 

RE: hunting east texas

E.TX.BOWHUNTER writes about E.TX.BOWHUNTER writes about E.TX.BOWHUNTER writes about E.TX.BOWHUNTER writes about E.TX.BOWHUNTER writes about E.TX.BOWHUNTER writes about
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Montgomery county

Being in Trinity county you should have opportunities. We don't have near the number of deer West Texas has. But our 10 pointers will dress-out alot more than 75-90lbs too. I took 2 does and a 13"+ buck all from public land here in East Texas this year. I usualy can count on 2 deer with no problems. The does will dress-out what bucks do in West Texas and the bucks are much heavier here than what I have ever seen out west.

Trinity county has some real monsters in it and the numbers are very good for East Texas.



RE: hunting east texas

dstrong writes about dstrong writes about dstrong writes about
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Denton county

you could always consider South vs. East and still get all the fishing in that you want. It depends on what you are wanting to pay.

RE: hunting east texas

wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about wohalliburton writes about
Points: Y (155) / M (14)

I lived and hunted in ETX for 8 years and have hunted WTX for the last 12 years.  The big difference between ETX and WTX, at least the places that I've hunted in WTX, is that you can see a whole lot further and that means seeing more deer.  Now, if you can find a big oak bottom in ETX you can see pretty well, but unfortunately there aren't a lot of those around anymore.  Now even in those oak flats I'm talking about 80 yards when in a lot of WTX, especially if you have elevation, its 500+ yards.  Also, generally speaking, most of ETX doesn't have the deer carrying combine that with lower visibility and that translates into seeing fewer deer under most circumstances.  Certainly there are some well-managed areas that are the exception, but most of the land I've been on has been at least partially cut over and replanted in pine.  As a result there's just not the food to support as large a population as in many parts of WTX. 

Another consequence of all this in ETX is that, again in my opinion, you're going to have to put in your time to know your land a lot better.  Where is the food, what type of acorns drop when and where are those stands of white oak versus pin oak, etc.  In years of big acorn crops they could be any one of about 10 places.  And, while they were at place 'A" one day doesn't mean they'll be there the next.

And, while I generally agree with Tim about the size of WTX bucks there certianly are exceptions.  Mature bucks in some areas out there can go well over 160 pounds (I took one a couple years back), in good years even more than that.  ETX bucks can get over 200 lbs, but in my experience they're not all that common anymore.

Trinity County is a great place to go.  But, like any deer habitat it has to have the right stuff.  In my opinion the vast majority of ETX just doesn't have it anymore.  Its a shame too because at one time there really were some woozers in places like the Trinity, Neches, Sabine, and Red River river bottoms. 

RE: hunting east texas

mickeal243 writes about
Points: Y (1) / M (0)
Montgomery county

In the past I hunted Buffalo, Centerville and Madisonville. Each time I went to the lease I did not know if my feeder or stand would still be there. I could not chain or concrete stands and feeders  well enough to keep them. Have not hunted ETX since 1989, and have no intention of doing it again.

Forums >> Texas Hunting >> General Hunting >> hunting east texas

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