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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Public Hunting Land >> hunting around lubbock area

hunting around lubbock area


hunterman_005 writes about hunting around lubbock area
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Hey everyone!


New to the threads here. I am trying to find some good places to hunt deer and hogs around the lubbock area if possible but am willing to drive to dallas area. I have searched around for some public spots but all i really find are expensive leases that i cant afford right now being a college student. So if anyone knows of any public land that would be awesome. Also I have seen posts about the LBJ grasslands and caddo area around there and wanted to know how is the deer? Oh and if anyone knows of some low price leases anywhere near lubbock, dallas, or san antonio for deer, please send me info.



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RE: hunting around lubbock area


glpoe1 writes about
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Look up Lake Alan Henery Wildlife Mitigation Area (LAHWMA) , there are areas N. of the dam for public but paid hunting.  I saw a photo somewhere on one of the forums of a very nice deer killed during the Archery Only season.  Hogs, Deer, etc. check it out.  BTW: that is about 60 miles from Lubbock in Garza Co.  Really nice country.

Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Public Hunting Land >> hunting around lubbock area

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