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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Bowhunting >> Bow refurbishing/restoration?

Bow refurbishing/restoration?

Westvirtex writes about Bow refurbishing/restoration?
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Williamson county

I'm currently learning the lease process and public hunting in Texas.  A lot of you have shared your knowledge of these processes to help me understand.  I've come to the conclusion that I'm only one-dimensional using just rifles.  I realized how  much I used to enjoy bowhunting and I can increase my hunting opportunities with a bow.  The bow I have now is a 1989 Golden Eagle Pro Turbo w/ a 30" draw length and 55-70# draw weight.  I used this when I was 16 and I was wondering if it was worth restoring.  I can no longer pull it back and I'm stronger now at 30 than at 16.  I did screw my shoulder up in the Army, but I don't think its that.  I managed to pull it back once b/c people were watching.  I've tried setting it down w/ an allen wrench, but it feels the same.  Honestly I don't want it to come apart b/c my lack of knowledge.  It creaks and makes all kinds of noises in my attempt to pull it back.  I don't have $400+ for a new bow.  I think my best option is to take it to a bow shop, but I was hoping some of you could share your expertise.  It appears to be in pretty good shape, but I don't know.  I'm assuming its like a car or truck that is shiny and new looking, but runs like a turd.  We are having a garage sale tomorrow so maybe I should include it.  What should I do?

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RE: Bow refurbishing/restoration?


glpoe1 writes about
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OK, so whatever you do don't give up.  Shooting a bow is a lot like lifiting weights you must train your muscles that you have not used in a while to get use to the weight you are asking them to lift.  Back off on the poundage of the bow and shoot it for a week them crank it up a full turn and shoot it another week then on and on and you will get back to pulling the poundage that you once were shooting at.  Just remember that a compound bow set at #60 is sufficient to shoot completely through a deer at 20 or 30 yards.  There is no magic to it just practice and hone those skills at 20 and 30 yards just give your muscles and your skills time to get use to shooting.

RE: Bow refurbishing/restoration?


hogdog35 writes about
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I shoot an 20yo PSE bow at around 60 lbs and have no problem killing deer or hogs. I would sugest that you take it to a shop and have the limbs checked out. I promise you dont want one coming apart on you at 3/4 draw its not fun! On the public land deal. I hunt mostly public in the East Tx area with very good success. But your ideas of sucess and mine may be different. What are you wanting to hunt? Deer hogs turkey? There are many opertunities to hunt all of theys on public lands.

Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Bowhunting >> Bow refurbishing/restoration?

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