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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Deer Hunting >> Deer Stand

Deer Stand


tuckerh71 writes about Deer Stand
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Does anyone know of a website or another source to get construction plans on building a deer stand? I'd like to build one myself..probably 4X5 or 4X6.

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RE: Deer Stand


hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about hornhunter writes about
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Don't know of any web site for drawings. I build my own stands and they are not all that hard to build. Just depends on the type you want, tree stand, ground or tower. The size depends on you also-- how much room you need and the number of hunters in the blind. Building one yourself also allows you to add in the extras you want at little extra cost, I also enjoy the " do it yourself method". If you need help and/or drawings let me know and I will try to help you.

RE: Deer Stand


tuckerh71 writes about
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I'll start by saying that my carpentry skills aren't strong...I'm a novice at best.  I'm looking to build a 4X5 that is at least 6'2" tall and it will be a tower stand. 

Your thoughts?

RE: Deer Stand

Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell
Ryan Campbell writes about Ryan Campbell writes about
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I'd go at least 4x5 or wider.  You may need enough room for 2 people and I can tell you that 5x5 would be better.  By the time you get 2 grown men, guns, video cameras etc, in the blind with you, space can be tight.

The Hunt goes on forever, the season never ends. 979 777 1725

RE: Deer Stand


tuckerh71 writes about
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Any suggestions on websites or other resources that have plans would be appreciated.

RE: Deer Stand


8pointsrbetter writes about
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I just built a 4x6 and there is plenty of room for 2 people and some xtra as well

RE: Deer Stand


kalonnkandice writes about
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Hornhunter question for you. I am needing to build a new tower for me and my wife. I am needing at least a 4X6 or 5x5 at least 6'4 feet tall and about 14 ft in the air. We hunt over in Oklahoma and needing a new tower. So i thought maybe you could help me out. I have tried some friends to help build but they want way to much and i figured if i could do it myself cheaper and better. email me back if you can. thanks

RE: Deer Stand


thepolak writes about
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By BigDaddy from

Seems that every deer stand, tower blind or even ground blinds I have ever built, modified, fabricated or  purchased from others – has left me with a long list of items that need to be changed, corrected or modified .. it’s not that I am so uneasy to please, or that I am some unhappy old man  – I just feel that if you spend as much time as I do in a deer stand, you ought to be completely satisfied!

It all started about 30 years ago with my very first whitetail deer hunt. I did not own any hunting equipment – not binoculars, not a rifle, not any cold weather gear, not a deer stand – NOTHING!! My first opportunity came on a corporate hunting lease and I had to borrow everything ! It was on that hunt that I got “hooked on hunting” as I saw two of the most magnificent bucks of my life. Got good looks at them with my borrowed binoculars, but by the time I got a open-site 30-30 up to take a shot, they were gone! I did learn some valuable lessons on that trip that I will never forget. I’ll never forget those early years and getting Texas Hunter products to fabricate the very “first” 16’ tall tripod portable stand for me , and field testing it in South Texas… what a “rush” that was! 

Several years later I met a man that became a close personal friend by the name of Roy Stuman who owned and operated a deer feeder  and hunting stand and blind company called – The Bull-of-the-Woods manufacturing company  outside of  San Antonio, Texas. Roy and I , and other friends and members of the Texas Trophy Hunters Association  ( TTHA ) used to sit around in the evenings, drink a beer or two or three … and brainstorm about ideas for stands, blinds, feeders and a whole lot more. What we would change, and what things we would improve about not only his product and services offerings – but all the local competition – like All Season’s Feeders, Texas Hunter Products, Sweeny Enterprises, Spin Cast Feeders of Texas and other giants of deer feeder and hunting industry. After Roy’s untimely lost battle with cancer, he departed to that most fabulous eternal resting place and I still remember some of our last hunting adventures. After Roy’s death,  the guys from Atascosa Wildlife and several others started producing what I’d call – “duplicate copies” of Roy’s feeder and deer blinds and stand designs, and his well known ( now famous ) executive Bull-of-the-Woods tower stands , and mobile transportable stands as well. Today these are still some of the finest and most luxurious deer hunting blinds, towers and stands made in America… and you’d well know this if you ever have the opportunity to write a check for one! I personally know how good and long-lasting all these types and styles  of deer stands, blinds and feeders can be, because I own most of the original “proto-types” that were produced by Bull of the Woods manufacturing , and  I am still hunting from these units, after 20+ years at my hunting lease in deep South Texas between Freer and Laredo, Texas.

 Not being happy with most blinds and stands, I have made modifications, added on various items etc. etc. over the years. I have continually kept up with most manufacturers offerings and with few exceptions, they still come back to being a basic deer stand or blind … with amenities and features that attract buyers.  That’s why I decided some years ago, to develop and produce a Do It Yourself CD, ebook or the like, so that anyone with basic skills, or good friends and hunting buddies , could build their own deer stands, blinds and feeders. The original issue version is now available through  or the National Hunting Consortium internet store.

Production is not limited to one or two types of stands, feeders or blinds, but to each individuals imaginations, skill levels, and depth of pocket book resources. Our basic designs and plans are like many others but the big difference is the bringing “together” of all the many ideas, design improvements, safety issues, entrance and exit features, ladder quality and safety, grab-bars, and door handles, shooting features, multiple access venues, deer stand window options, gear storage, comfort and a whole host of other issues that the average guy might never consider. If you’re one of those deer hunters or rednecks as Jeff Foxworthy might call them, that won’t spend a penny on comfort featurs for deer hunting, this product is definitely not for you.

If you want to fabricate a top notch, first quality deer hunting stand or tower blind and if you want to give some thought to stability, ladder access, climbing safety, door access, quietness of windows, heated or non-heated, insulated or not insulated, wood stick framing or steel fabrications, how many years you want a stand to last, or how comfortable  you want to be as you hunt – then this CD will be most valuable to you.  Do you want to fabricate a 4X4 Box, 5X5, 6X6 or larger? Comfortable and safe enough to sit in for hours with a son, daughter or grandchild .. and make memories for life?

Look, if you’re not into building your own – I understand that too! That’s why we sell and represent some of the USA’s top-rated deer feeder, and deer blind and stand manufacturers. We ship anywhere you want, and we can even offer you a complete delivery and set up package if you’d like. We also have the capability to custom build anything you want!


Page 2

We can outfit you with virtually anything you can imagine from a 4X4 basic box blind, to a 10’ X 16’ deer condo tower stand that you can spend the night in. Any size, any height, any way you want it !  

Just imagine some of the different features, questions and considerations  a person might want to incorporate in a state of the art deer blind or tower stand: :

v  Windows – everything from Acrylic, Plexiglass, Lexan or real glass; Drop downs, sliders, by-pass, hinged single hung or double, Hinged Plywood to whatever you can imagine. Rifle style, Bow / Archery styles , combinations etc.

v  Doors – Sizes recommended; And everything from metal, wood, acrylic, aluminum, fiberflass, plywood, and others; Welded door frames; Security latch, hinge and window bolts; Minimizing noise?

v  Roofs - everything from insulated to vented, power vented ( solar ); Shingles, metal  laminated plywood, Trap door opening ( for horn rattling ); 

v  Ladder / Step Systems - everything from stairs / steps n with hand railings to steep climb boat style with double hold rails; Side door entrances to bottom floor hatch systems; Removable type so others can’t hunt your stand. - whatever you can imagine like - the role of riser and tread dimensions in accidental falls on  stairways; review of data concerning stair geometry; safety performance factors. Non Slip Products; Platform plans; designs; sizes; Minimizing noise?.

v  Leg pads / Footer systems to prevent feeder and stand legs from sinking into the ground; Leg and pad base anchoring systems by BossBuck, HuntSports and others; 

v  Legs made from galvanized or steel tubing; 4X4, 4X6, or 6X6 treated  or redwood wood products; What determines thickness and strength needed; Leg and diagonal brace support systems; 

v  Anchoring Systems - Center anchors; use of center anchor stakes; anchor cables and clamps; anchors available for different types of soils and conditions; Auger anchors; Rock anchors or drive anchors; concrete anchor. 

v  Flooring Materials – Treated, Marine or Plywood; Thickness; Steel or wood framing supports; Minimizing noise?

v  Safety features – vertical / horizontal  grab bars / handles; Access platform rails; Stair Step handrails; Non slip and glow in the dark products; 

v  OUTSIDE CONSIDERATIONS – Camflage? Paint? Metal Sidings? Wood or Composite siding materials like Hardi Plank and others; OSB? Plywood? Painting? Sealing? Caulking materials; Corner flashings? Window Covers?

v  INSIDE AMENITIES – Comfortable seating? Carpeting? Wall coverings; Window shading materials; Tinted windows vs Non-tinted; Shade cloth? Shelves? Storage shelves? Corner shelves with gun / rifle notching? Gun holders? Bow Holders? Drink holders? Toilet or relief station considerations? What about a good – SAFE HEATER for those sub-zero cold days? Minimizing noise?

v  SIZE DOES MATTER – and not just to women! Are you going to use it commercially? By yourself? With small child? How many people are going to be in your deer stand? 1? 2? Or more? How large?  What maximum weight will your deer stand or tower blind need to hold? How long will you normally set in your stand. Will you sit in it all day during the rut? Minimizing noise?        



Page 3

Since I have probably personally built and used more deer stands, towers and blinds than 99% of the deer hunting population. Assisted, advised and helped assemble untold numbers of blinds, stands and other hunting devices, and then hunted from these blinds, towers and stands -  I can personally advise and testify to how comfortable a hunt in miserable weather can be – it’s worth every penny, every hour and every sacrifice you can make!  On one of the coldest, snow-blowing, miserable weather days of a past hunt in Kansas with my 10 year old son – I could sit in comfort, talking with my son, enjoying hot cocoa and eating sandwiches and snacks  - while watching wildlife move all day long. We have the unforgettable memories that cannot be bought with cash or credit cards – while other friends and hunters were in nothing but cold and miserable cold weather and rain gear … we enjoyed every minute together! 

I’m not going to be naïve and say these types of stands, towers or elevated blinds are for everyone. But I have been a serious “fair chase” trophy hunter for a number of years, and many that know me would attest to the fact that I have shot, photographed or seen some pretty incredible wildlife… and so have my sons! You really need to do some soul searching and realistic evaluation as to what type of hunting you do and where? Are you on private property, or hunting around or over food plots or other stable deer routes? Other than our portable deer stands and towers, the fixed stands should be set up with due considerations and be there for an extended period of time. They can be moved,  but it’s no easy task, and help and equipment may be required. Another consideration when you are doing an evaluation would be the actual shipping costs from the production facility to your location. Sometimes, since some brands  have  platforms and large stairs, are mainly shipped in a “preassembled” state - shipping can be very expensive.

No matter what strategy you are considering it will never hurt to have a discussion with folks that are in the “know” when it comes to deer stands, blinds and shooting towers and house that are elevated – so feel free to email any questions, comments or ideas  to:

RE: Deer Stand


lindalohan123 writes about
Points: Y (0) / M (0)

hello there,

Have you heard about : deer stands. Please read and get more information about the types of deer stands


RE: Deer Stand


LiseRaev writes about
Points: Y (0) / M (0)

Wow, I never would have thought of building my own deer stand or <a href="" target="_blank">

RE: Deer Stand


LiseRaev writes about
Points: Y (0) / M (0)

Wow, I never would have thought of building my own deer stand or deer hunting blinds. Best of luck!


RE: Deer Stand


icyaggie writes about
Points: Y (0) / M (0)
Brown county

One of the best stands I've hunted in was in Mississippi. The main component was a shot bed pickup canopy. It was secured on short walls of plywood on studs at 16" centers. The windows opend on all side. There was lots of room for chairs and a table. Comfortable and dry.


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