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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> General Hunting >> Sample Lease Agreement?

Sample Lease Agreement?

wilded writes about Sample Lease Agreement?
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Does anyone have a simple lease agreement that we could modify?  I am used to doing business with a handshake but I am representing the rights of 9 others this year and fee the need to protect their investment.  Thanks, ET

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RE: Sample Lease Agreement?

Jason Parrish
Jason Parrish
Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about Jason Parrish writes about
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Travis county

I thought we had a couple of lease agreements posted in the forum over the years from other people asking this question, but I couldn't find one just now.

I also searched my computer but couldn't find any copies of old templates.

I hope someone else can find one

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RE: Sample Lease Agreement?

john64n writes about
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Maybe this will help you.


Lease Rules and Lease Member Contract

A deer lease is a place to have fun and relax, away from the stresses of daily life. This set of rules is designed to head off problems before they start. They are not meant to lessen your hunting experience. Common sense, courtesy and communication are critical to making this lease one that we can all be proud to call our own.


The lease manager will handle all negotiations with the landowner/agent. All other members are considered sub-lessees to the lease manager and are not party to the contract between the lease manager and the landowner or landowner’s agent. All items addressed in this document will be managed and enforced by the lease manager. Decisions made by the lease manager are final. The lease manager is _____________.


The current lease year is April 1, 2006 thru March 31, 2007.
The current lease year fee is $_________
Lease payments for each year are due in one-half of total increments on or before March 25 and August 25 of the current lease year. Any payments received after the due dates will incur a $50 per day late fee. It is the sole responsibility of each individual lease member to have his/her lease payments in on time. Members whose payments are later than one week from the due date are subject to forfeiture of lease privileges. Post-dated checks for the August payments may be sent with the March payment, if meeting the due dates poses a problem. Payments for any other community expense approved by the membership are due upon notification.


Lease members may utilize the property throughout the lease year and may bring a guest to the property. A lease member, while on the property, must accompany their guest. Only one guest may accompany lease members without consent of the lease manager. Guests should never infringe on the accommodations of paid members. Immediate family members may accompany lease members at any time. Immediate family members are defined as a member’s spouse or dependent children under the age of 18. Lease members will be responsible for the actions of any guest or family member. Any game harvested by a guest or family member will come from the responsible lease member’s annual harvest allocation. Sub-leasing memberships is not allowed. Animals available for harvest may not be sold or raffled.

Member contact information including name, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses will be provided to the lease manager. A list will be compiled and distributed to all members to facilitate communication.


Harvest Log
Lease members are responsible for logging required information on all harvested animals. Information should be logged immediately after harvest. All logs will remain in the main camp house and are not to be removed.

Lease members will be allowed one trophy buck, one cull buck and three does.

A mature buck is defined as a 4-½ year old or older deer.

A trophy buck is defined as any mature buck not listed as a cull buck (below) with a minimum Pope and Young gross score of 125”. If it is not a cull buck, it counts as your trophy. When in doubt, don’t shoot the animal.

A cull buck is defined as a mature (see above) buck with no brow tines, mature buck without a main beam, or mature multiple tined deer less that is less than ten points with a 2 or more tine differential between the sides” i.e. 5X3 or 6X3. A tine counts if it measures more than 1” or is broken off. If a mature deer is thought to be a cull buck and outside the parameters defined above, photograph or video the deer and bring the picture/video to camp for a second opinion from the lease manager.

All harvested animals are to be brought to camp. Cleaning animals in the field is not allowed. Guests other than immediate family members are not allowed to harvest whitetail bucks.

All lease members are encouraged to use game cameras and video cameras to help determine game population densities and age structure.

To improve herd management and range conditions, all lease members should harvest their allocated limits of does. If you do not intend to harvest all your does, inform the Lease Manager so others may harvest them.

Hogs should be taken whenever possible to control their numbers.

All lease members are encouraged to use game cameras and video cameras to help determine game population densities and age structure.


Lease members are required to put up their own stands and feeders in their designated hunting area(s). The movement or addition of stands or feeders should be completed prior to or after deer season, if possible. Each lease member is allowed two feeders and accompanying stands.
Lease members and their guests will hunt their stands and hunting areas only.

Lease members or their guests may hunt the area of another member, only with expressed permission from the owner, on a hunt-by-hunt basis.

Gun hunting of any kind is not allowed during bow season.

Hunting or shooting from ANY moving vehicle (not parked and being used as a stand) is not permitted at any time.

Appliances and other necessary community items that need to be replaced will be purchased and the cost will be divided evenly among the lease members.

Exercise common courtesy and respect other lease members and the landowners. Treat fellow lease members and the landowners the way you would like to be treated.

·You are responsible for keeping your feeders filled and maintained year around.
·Do not drive during hunting times (Dawn to 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to Dark)
·If it’s not yours, do not use it without permission.
·If you break it, fix it.
·Help other lease members when you can.
·No household trash of any kind may be dumped at any site on the ranch. Take your trash with you when you leave.
·Help maintain and protect ranch roads. Do not to make new tracks when you go out.
·Pick up any trash you see anywhere on the property and keep it free of litter.
·You are responsible for your own paper towels, toilet paper, coffee, trash bags, condiments etc. If you use it, please replace it.
·Clean the house and game cleaning areas before you leave so that other lease members will arrive to clean facilities. Housekeeping and ground keeping services are not included in the lease fee.
·Intoxication will not be tolerated. Have a good time but know your limits. This is a deer lease and not a beer lease.


Anyone hunting on the property will abide by all Texas fish and game laws.

If you draw blood on any animal, it is assumed dead until proven otherwise. Make a thorough effort to recover any wounded animal.


All lease members are bound to the lease rules contained in this document. Failure to comply with lease rules may result in the offending member(s) being removed by the lease manager.

Further, certain violations will result in automatic forfeiture of lease privileges. These violations are:

·Violation of any game law established by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
·Exceeding harvest numbers or taking animals not listed as acceptable in the Harvest Rules portion of this contract.
·Hunting from another lease member’s stand or hunting area without permission
·Failure to bring harvested animals into camp
·Failure to enter harvested animals in the log
·Failure to sign and return lease rules to the Lease Manager by the specified date
·Disrespecting the landowners or lease manager

Members removed from the lease are not eligible for refunds of any lease monies paid. Know the rules and know the possible consequences of their violation.

Lease members that are removed from the lease for any reason will not be allowed back on the property without another member present. Any personal property that may need to be retrieved will be done with another lease member or members supervising the removal.


The lease manager will settle any conflicts that arise and cannot be worked out between the affected individuals.


I have read and agree to fully abide by the rules contained in this contract. I further understand that failure to abide by these rules may result in the forfeiture of my lease privileges and loss of any money paid as defined in the “Termination of Lease Privileges” portion of the document. In the event of my termination, I further agree to hold harmless: the lease manager, other lease members, the landowner or landowner’s agent.


Lease Member Signature / Date


Witness / Date

This contract must be signed and returned to the Lease Manager on or before March 25, 2006. A copy of the document will be posted in the main camp house for lease member reference. Retain a copy of the signed contract for your records.

Forums >> Texas Hunting >> General Hunting >> Sample Lease Agreement?

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