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Category: Native Animal

I have tried everything known to man to keep the deer from going in my hog traps, but apparently the message hasn't gotten to our deer about shying away from corn soaked in diesel, or big red soda, raspberry gelatin, old beer, and any other camp myth told. The deer love the stuff. I have been told to use shorter traps, just how much shorter can I get it than this one. I have finally chalked it up that deer are going in even though they are not my intended targets. I have 50 foot cables tied to the gates to release them unharmed. Heck I don't let people shoot them out of blinds, I sure am not going to take them out of traps.

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Author:shasto Comment Left:07/31/2009 17:01

This buck went inside this trap, ate the deisel corn, turned around and never tripped the gate. Here you see him still scratching the ground trying to find more "d" corn. How's that for Houdini.

Author:hornhunter Comment Left:08/01/2009 05:50

Soaking corn in diesel and feeding it to the deer is NOT good for them. It may kill them.

Author:TxTechHighRack Comment Left:08/03/2009 13:46

I agree with hornhunter, for one soaking corn with diesel and putting it out where deer can get is asking for it. As for the trap,(looking at the last picture) you could put an extra piece of panel hanging in front of the door from the frame. Like half the size of the door, this would atleast keep the bucks from trying to get in. Fawns will still crawl under. You could even just put some branches across the top of the entrance, hogs will crawl under still. I was trapping in the hill country and did not catch one deer all summer. I used corn that had been soured in just plain ole water. Kept it away from the house though, gets all moldy and spoiled, pigs loved it and deer didn't mess with it.