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Atascosa installs a 14" Tower Blind (5.5' x 5.5') at our East Texas Farm
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I met Atascosa Wildlife Supply at the Annual Texas Wildlife Association Meeting, then at all three Texas Trophy Hunter's Extravaganzas, and then finally at the Texas Deer Association Annual Meeting. Each time they tried to sell me a deer stand. I wanted a deer stand since Hurricane Rita knocked down our old tower blind in East Texas.

I tried to not buy the most expensive deer stand in Texas, but every time I talked to a welder or another supplier of deer stands and explained that I wanted a tower blind with a staircase that would hold me and my three kids, that would be safe enough for my little kids to walk up and down in the dark, and would have a floor height of at least 14", they said they could do it but highly recommended that I didn't. They all told me 10' is all I needed. Finally I started asking who they would recommend if this is what I had to have and they all said "Atascosa".

In the end, the stand worked out great!

However, this video of their install is a different story. I will let you be the judge.

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Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/23/2006 10:57
one happy customer
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/23/2006 11:00
making a sharp turn in the woods
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/23/2006 11:02
The new replaces the old (in the background)
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/23/2006 11:03
I would not be looking at my toes standing beside this trailer as it pops up in the air if I was this young man
Author:txtrigger2003 Comment Left:10/23/2006 14:09
Nice!  Congrats on waiting and getting exactly what you wanted first time around.
Author:bowhunter Comment Left:10/23/2006 15:31
Definitely an OSHA violation!
Author:gkahlden Comment Left:10/23/2006 17:18
Good choice....
Author:Country Comment Left:10/23/2006 19:09

That is toooo Coool!!!!  Nice setup.  They have installation  down to a fine art.

You and the family will have many enjoyable and memorable hunting experiences in that stand. 

Now for nice swivel chairs, a small cot and heater.  Oh yeah, a port-a- potty for the kids. :-)

Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/23/2006 21:42

speaking of chairs, if you watch Office Depot, they do these loss leader sales every couple of weeks. I waited until they had an office chair sale last week and bought three nice swivel office chairs for $40 bucks, regular $90. They were back at full price this week when I went to buy paper. Built them today. Sitting in one right now actually. Perfect!

Author:Folsetth Comment Left:10/24/2006 03:39
I like the trailer  setup they use to raise the blind. cool idea
Author:Mgutierrez Comment Left:10/24/2006 10:25


Nice blind.  Do they have a web site?  


Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/24/2006 17:19

Answer to Mario's question, I bought the blind from Atascosa

Author:bigmike Comment Left:10/24/2006 19:19
I hope its level! Otherwise ur up a creek....Thats a really nice blind congrats!
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:10/27/2006 08:07

The installer acutally had a big four foot level he used to make sure everything was perfect

Author:bill barrick Comment Left:11/11/2006 14:05
It looked a wee bit scary for a second there. Hey that is nice.
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:11/27/2006 23:13

Well, as I said in another post, my children got to enjoy the stand for the first time over Thanksgiving. Everything was perfect.

By the way, I got a call from Atascosa asking me remove the video. I hope everyone understands that not only in this a great product, but if you read my other comments, even their competitors told me to buy Atasacosa for the safety and durability it afforded - if I could afford it.

The video is fun and education for those who have never seen someone install a deer stand. Obviously, the guy could have put the truck in low gear and slowily backedup, but he chose speed. Regardless, I hope no one walks away from this video with anything negative to say about Atascosa, unrelated to your comments and opinions about the installation technique.

Author:nolanspawn Comment Left:02/05/2007 22:02
How much did that tower run ya?
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:02/05/2007 22:57

Not Cheap. As I explained to my wife... I would rather spend the money that she would spend on my funeral on a good deer blind. When I am gone, since she won't go hunting, she can just dig a 6x6x6 hole. Since they are onsite to dig a grave, the variable cost for a slightly bigger hole in the ground should not be that much, and she doesn't have to deal with picking out a casket.

Author:brochip1 Comment Left:02/06/2007 09:15
That sure beats some of the death-trap blinds I've been in.
Author:nolanspawn Comment Left:02/06/2007 14:54
Only reason I asked is I cant find pricing anywhere online for their stuff
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:07/01/2007 16:10
Call Brad Blalock at 830-769-9711
Author:ConchoMan Comment Left:07/23/2007 17:07
Well thats one way to do it.
Author:longview farms Comment Left:10/05/2009 14:18

hey your only here for a short time...enjoy