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An excellent hog's and dog's video
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I think y'all will like this.

Hog's and dog's hunting video, I like the background music, too.

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Author:Paleo Comment Left:03/27/2007 01:42
They make it look so easy. I think I'll leave that sport to the East Texas boys. I'd probably end up loosing a finger.I have to respect the training that has gone into those dogs and the endurance those guys have runnin down the hogs and getting them tied up. Has to be a heartpounding chase.
Author:wheelgun Comment Left:03/27/2007 05:20
Can't go wrong with Hank. Great video!
Author:txtrigger2003 Comment Left:03/27/2007 12:19

Amazing to see those catch dogs bust in once the hogs are cornered -- no fear at all. 

Reminds me of noodlin' for catfish, though -- interesting to see but not for me.

Author:Hntr Comment Left:03/27/2007 17:04

Excellent video!!

Author:Cowboy Comment Left:04/02/2007 16:25
A little scary for me.
Author:bd13fishing Comment Left:04/02/2007 19:42
Sweet song and awesome video.
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:04/02/2007 23:24
That's was great. I would love to see that in person.
Author:txrvrbttmstlkr Comment Left:04/28/2007 02:33

My wife and I have a catch dog 1/3 american pit 1/3 catahoula 1/3 walker hound I run him with my black and tans all the time.  My little girl loves him and he wouldn't let anything happen to her, but when it comes to coon hunting or hogs he's all business.  Lot's of people around here do it as many men as women.

Author:Spino Comment Left:11/29/2007 20:13

Great Video!  Who made it?  Can you make another???  Thanks for sharing!!!

Author:buck1972 Comment Left:03/13/2008 13:27
great video .. great music ..  great hunting ..
Author:glpoe1 Comment Left:04/20/2009 06:05

I throughly enjoyed that also.  Great Video, I would love to see another.  Love the dogs and great to see the little kid out with the parents.

Author:kenta Comment Left:05/29/2009 21:27

hell ya man lov that!!!!

Author:jmitch Comment Left:07/18/2009 17:11

This video is awsome. I showed it to all my friends here in Iraq. If you get a chance you should make another one. Where is this hunt at?

Author:duanekennedy Comment Left:01/05/2010 20:45

Great Video, makes you proud to be alive and a country boy. Hank Williams Jr. for President, Ted Nugent for Vice President. Hog Hunting should be added to all public school physical education curriculum.

Author:real hunter Comment Left:09/26/2010 21:34

Lmao this is a video in a pen in Quitman , Ms just south of Meridian where most hunters train pups not try and make hero's out of grown dogs on previously caught hogs in an enclosure probably about 120 acres it has been divided and split several times into smaller pens. It was an old fox pen has a hot wire around it . man they are tuff southern boys i tell ya!!!!! yeah right lol

Author:redeyed305 Comment Left:10/06/2010 15:38

badass video...

Author:redeyed305 Comment Left:10/06/2010 15:43

amazing dogs

Author:redeyed305 Comment Left:10/06/2010 15:44

AMazing dogs!!!!