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Rocky VS Flip
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Category: Nature

La Escalera Ranch Seymour TX November 20, 2012

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Author:Chris Weidner Comment Left:11/29/2012 12:25

Unbelievable video! Thank you so much for sharing it with everyone!

Author:Damienxb Comment Left:11/29/2012 13:55

That was awesome!

Author:Bobfish Comment Left:11/29/2012 16:01


Author:Fredna Comment Left:12/01/2012 20:28

Great video.  That's a fight 'ol flip won't forget for a long time.

Author:wohalliburton Comment Left:12/01/2012 20:34

Surprised that one buck didn't break the other's neck.  Its not like he didn't try.

Author:uncle ricky Comment Left:12/08/2012 00:45


Author:landingzone Comment Left:12/09/2012 18:49

Great conflict !

Author:Texican50 Comment Left:12/11/2012 07:40

OK Did you shoot the winner??????

Author:Bob Roux Comment Left:12/12/2012 10:41

I'm in a 2 Buck County, They would have made great side by side mounts!

Author:Sully87 Comment Left:12/13/2012 16:04

Is this ranch part of the same outfit "La Escalera" out of Ft. Stocktn, TX?



Author:rwrhunting Comment Left:12/15/2012 21:15

Very nice video.

Author:lee4810172 Comment Left:12/17/2012 14:43

LOl! Nice buck fight

Author:chris m Comment Left:12/18/2012 09:13

"Get off of my lawn"!

Author:redley62 Comment Left:12/31/2012 13:42


Author:shadow3360 Comment Left:01/10/2013 18:35

great buck fight thank you very good job of tabeing it

Author:bjroseland Comment Left:02/02/2013 21:22

Great video-

really glad both survived the fight


Author:JCSTACHL Comment Left:02/04/2013 05:32

Great video, great fight. I would have taken out at least one of them,

Author:002Beta Comment Left:07/15/2013 16:25

Nice, captured fight you got there. It's amazing how strong their antlers are :D

Author:KrisHarris Comment Left:01/26/2014 17:27

I enjoyed watching the video  That was a good fight though. Nice idea by the way. - J. Kale Flagg

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Author:sevenmeter Comment Left:02/14/2014 22:13

great fight and thanks for sharing this video


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Author:tracypaul Comment Left:03/28/2014 07:10

great fight and thanks for sharing this video

Author:lornacroft Comment Left:04/02/2014 06:03

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Author:BruceWayne Comment Left:04/21/2014 17:59

Wo! This fight is great! You guys really know what is going on!

Author:jhon321 Comment Left:04/22/2014 22:42

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Author:robin1122 Comment Left:04/23/2014 06:53

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