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Innovative products for the well-equipped fisherman

In the never-ending struggle between man and fish, ProKast has added the latest innovation to the well-equipped fisherman's arsenal;

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower

This unique, patented device quickly, easily, and permanently attaches to any 5 – 8 foot radius cast net. Once installed, it will allow the weekend sportsman to throw perfect circles every time. CLICK HERE to see it in action!
Over three years in development, the Perfect Circle Net Thrower is one of those "why didn't I think of that?" products that only comes around  once in a Blue Moon. After watching this patented device in action, you'll immediately see that it is an essential part of any fisherman's gear.

The Perfect Circle Net Thrower ...
  • Is simple to learn and use
  • Easily attaches to any 5 - 8 foot net
  • Guarantees no tangled nets or lines
  • Allows accurate targeting of moving bait
  • Keeps you clean and dry
  • Requires no bending or stooping
  • Can throw larger nets in water over waist deep
  • Allows large-net throws even from small boats
  • Throws a perfect circle every time!!!

TableRock Bait & Tackle Company

TableRock Bait & Tackle Company

The Chompers quest for the best in baits began on the vast waters of Table Rock Lake in southern Missouri, USA. In the early 90's, tournament fisherman and professional guide Sonny Chafin envisioned a premium line of soft plastic lures - better looking and more effective than any available. In 1995, TableRock Bait & Tackle Company and the Chompers brand became reality with the introduction of a twin tail skirted grub.

Demand for product grew as more and more lures hit the water and proved themselves - in tournaments and on leisure fishing weekends. Today, Chompers plastics are fished throughout the USA and are becoming known around the globe. You'll find them in tackle boxes everywhere from Asia to Europe.

The soft plastics have been joined by a complement of premium jigs and spinnerbaits creating a comprehensive line covering just about any fishing conditions you can imagine.

Thanks for visiting our website. Take some Chompers fishing and take home a little piece of our dream.

Easyview Tackle

Easyview Tackle

Finally, the anglers Dream come True. The Easy View tackle system organizes, protects, and puts your favorite fishing lures right at your fingertips. No more rummaging through tackle boxes, bags are sacks full of lures. You will be able to change baits as fast as it takes you to open a lid, grab a bait out of a bag(you can leave the bag open)close the lid and get back on the trolling motor. The system will help you catch more fish and have alot more fun.

This is the most efficient system you can install in your boat and it uses totally dead space. This system will eliminate the searching for baits and keep the right bait in the water 90% of your fishing time. (Come join the Easy View Team)

Minda Lures

Minda Lures

Minda Lures, Inc. was established in 2004 to design and produce innovative fishing products that will enhance fishing effectiveness and fun. John Guerin is president of Minda Lures, Inc. and has been an avid fisherman for almost 40 years.  His philosophy of taking a product you already own and making it better led to the creation of the Crank Bait Tail™ and the Injured Minda™, for which he is the sole developer. Watch for more of his innovating products in the near future.

Minda, meaning “knowledge” in native American, was the name John’s daughter held in wait for a baby sister. Instead, the name was attached to a different kind of “child” – dad’s new company.


The Injured Minda™ is a one-of-a-kind lure and must-have for every fisherman. This versatile, two-piece lure, hinged at the tail, has the unique ability to create a stationary action. Fishermen can make the lure rock or flip in a stationary position -- and it never leaves the strike zone.

Minda Lures, Inc.

PO Box 1246, Kennedale, Texas 76060

1-866- 649-2941


Rockin K Custom Baits

Rockin K Custom Baits
Welcome to Rockin K Custom Baits and thanks for stopping by. The concept behind Rockin K is to have a bait company who is actually tailoring its products toward the angler himself and the anglers specific design of things like color, flake, scent, and various other options that can be incorporated into the bait. We’ve all heard before that fishing is about confidence in the lure you're throwing. We all have our “secret” colors we feel most comfortable with. Rockin K is here to ensure that you can always find the color you're looking for. You're not restricted to the 10 colors on the store shelf or even what’s on this web site for that matter.  The possibilities are virtually limitless with what can be done to customize your special bait. We hope you’ll give us the chance to work with you to develop that special bait that gives you the confidence to go out there and catch fish in the toughest of conditions.                                      

Skin Blockers

Skin Blockers

We manufacture high quality skin products in convenient easy to carry towelettes & bottles. Choose from Sunscreen on a Towel or "Swamp Juice" – DEET Free insect repellant.

Skin Blockers formula has almost no odor. It will not to attract insects, or leave any scent on bait.  Swamp Juice only contains ingredients that are classified as safe by the FDA.

Smack Tackle

Smack Tackle

Smack Tackle was formed through a friendship that started 12 years ago. Todd and I met when he started coming to my church. We found out that we both had a passion for fishing as well as for our faith. We both love all types of fishing. We love to fish for everything from creek chubs to striped bass and everything in between. The more we fished together, the more we realized that we had a lot in common. It became obvious that our passion for our faith and for fishing for all types of fish were not the only things we had in common. We found out lure making was another passion we both enjoyed.

I had started making lures when I was a teenager. My first attempts weren't very good, but I was hooked. The thought of making a lure that could catch fish was a powerful thought. Todd had undergone a similar experience. Some of our early fishing adventures were for cool water fish like saugeye and sauger, so our initial lure making get together was pouring jigs. The next step was to make our own jigging spoons. Todd came up with the idea to use rock hard wood putty to make our own jigging spoon molds. The spoons weren't of a high quality, but they caught fish. It reinforced in us the excitement of catching fish on homemade lures. We caught tons of fish of all kinds on those jigging spoons. The problem was the molds just wouldn't last long. The good thing was that it started the thought of making lures from a mold.

Our next try at lure making came as a result of our going to the Cincinnati Boat Show. There were many booths set up, but the ones that got our attention were the ones set up for people selling homemade lures. I looked at those homemade crank baits closely and decided that I could make my own. My first attempts weren't great, but that was just the start. I started making small crank baits for stream small mouths and slightly bigger ones for hybrid stripers. These lures caught a lot of fish and still do. Todd was working on bigger baits that would catch musky, stripers, and most of the bigger predator fish. This all took place over many years.

In that time frame, our fishing seemed to move toward bigger predatory fish. We targeted hybrid stripers first then moved on to stripers. One thing that became apparent was that these large predatory fish target gizzard shad. We would try to catch gizzard shad for bait, but there were times when they were just too hard to catch. We looked for lures that looked just like a gizzard shad. They had to look as close to the real thing as possible, because the fish we pursued were fish that lived in cool clear water and could be very picky. Problem was, there weren't any lures that looked like that in our opinion. This started the process of making the Gizz 4. We took an actual gizzard shad and made a mold from it. Because of Todd's knowledge gained while being a consultant for a major medical manufacturing company, he suggested we try and make our own molds and pour lures from plastic. At the same time, we were pursuing the use of new technology that Todd had learned about. After many trials and errors, we ended up with a product that is not only a lure that looks a lot like a gizzard shad, but is a gizzard shad in plastic form.

We have since caught many different kinds of fish on the Gizz 4. We have caught everything from rock bass to stripers on the Gizz 4. We hope you are as excited about the Gizz 4 as we are. This lure only marks the beginning of our journey. We hope if all goes well to use the same process and technology to bring other species of baitfish to life. Our hope is that you will be able to experience some of the awesome fishing that we have shared while using Smack Tackle!


Summary: Hello.... Welcome to Curb's Jigs. Curb's Jigs is a cottage industry located on the banks of beautiful Lake Martin in Jackson Gap Alabama. I manufacture baits and sell directly to fisherman both pro and amateur. All my jigs are hand poured, tied, painted, packaged and shiped my me Jerry Minor, AKA Curb The Jig Man. I have been tying jigs for over 30 years. I will custom build any jig or spinner bait but I also have a large selection of baits on hand. Most of my designs have been suggested and tested by fishermen like yourself so we know they catch fish. I have featured many of my baits in categories so you can look around and see if I have what you need. If not email me and we’ll see if we can get it for you. Jerry Minor 3255 Young's Ferry Road Jackson Gap Alabama 36861 e-mail ph# 256-825-4311 cell 256-794-0368

JDC Baits

JDC Baits

JDC Baits is one of the fastest growing bass bait companies in the U.S. and for good reason.  OUR BAITS CATCH FISH!!   They are successfully used by a growing list of pros including Al Gagliarducci, Mark Shepard, Dianna Clark, Tom Dolin, Asa Godsey, and Jimmi Leuthner in BASS, FLW, Everstart, and BFL tournament circuits.

Our fresh water bass baits come in a variety of colors and scents that will attract Bass in all kinds of water conditions. We offer soft plastic lures in salted and unsalted varieties to provide you with the most opportunities to control your fall and action in the water.  Our stand up jig heads are curved and shaped like no other jig head in the industry.   Used in conjunction with our jig heads, our baits are known to be irresistible to all Bass.

Redfish find our baits irresistable, too!Our baits are great for saltwater fishing as well.  They have proven particularly successful with Redfish and work equally well for Speckled Trout and other species.


Summary: Custom hand poured soft plastic worms and baits. Unigue styles and colors.

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