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MOKAI Ultimate Explorer

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Imagine a Kayak with a Honda engine.

Paddle down stream. Motor upstream.

Get tired, turn on the engine and go 15 mph for up to 8 hrs.

A unique combination hull powered by a HONDA 4-stroke engine coupled to a jet propulsion system create Mokai™.  The patented design provides a removable engine system that requires less than one minute to assemble or disassemble, without any tools.  This innovative feature readies the Mokai™ for transportation on top of your vehicle, eliminating the need for a trailer.  The versatile Mokai™ is perfect for duck hunting, fishing, or recreation.  The large cockpit has plenty of room to stow your gear.

The Mokai is available in blue, olive green, or yellow for $3,450.00 plus shipping.  Shipped via common carrier, all you need to do is add oil, gasoline and comply with your state's rules and regulations for registering watercraft before heading out!

• Easy to operate
• Low running costs
• Stable, low center of gravity
• Versatile, great for duck hunting, fishing, and exploring
• Environmentally friendly HONDA 4-stroke engine
• Large storage area
• "BOW to STERN" warranty - parts & workmanship for 2 years
• No trailer required
• Requires minimal storage space when not in use
• Offered in blue, olive green, and yellow

Technical Data & Specifications:
• Length:  11 feet, 8 inches
• Width:  3 feet at widest point
• Hull:  Rotomolded Polyethylene Monocoque Design
• Colors:  Blue  , Olive Green  , and Yellow  
• Seating capacity:  1 or 2 for pleasure boating, 1 when used as a duck boat
• Engine:  Removable 4-stroke HONDA, 6HP
• Cooling:  Mechanically air cooled with Ram assist
• Jet Pump:  Axial Flow, in house proprietary design
• Draw:  4"
• Dry Weight (without engine):  100 lbs.
• Weight Capacity:  360 lbs.
• Top Speed:  15 mph
• Fuel Capacity:  3 gallons
• Fuel Efficiency:  Up to 8 hours of use on 3 gallons of fuel

Included Accessories:
• Weather cover
• Engine storage/carry bag
• Paddle
• Survival Pack with whistle, mirror and distress signalers
• (2) 12' Tie down straps
• USCG approved fire extinguisher
• Bearing grease with custom applicator gun

I contacted the manufacturer and hope to test one of these products on an upcoming camping/fishing trip to Devil's River and on Lake Travis and Lake Austin.

For now, I will share the specifications, photos and provide a link to their website. They have a marketing video on their site that you can watch if you CLICK HERE


Author:Paleo Comment Left:03/24/2007 07:06
Nice machine for exploring little inlets, not too expensive.
Author:bd13fishing Comment Left:04/06/2007 02:57
That thing is awesome i wish i had one
Author:captaincook Comment Left:05/01/2007 09:10
too cool!  Great for the spawning time to hit those creeks too!
Author:labpointkennels Comment Left:05/21/2007 10:41
I hunt on the backwaters of Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. Would duck weed and acorns get sucked up into the water intakes? If not I wouldn't mind getting one. I was looking for a motorized pirouge but this might work better.
Author:Texas Outdoors Comment Left:06/05/2007 22:28

great product, great video!


Author:TeffanyMarino Comment Left:11/16/2013 09:28

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