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The Best Subsonic Load (.308)

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I have tried many different .308 loads in search of that almost perfect factory load. Of course, when I say "almost perfect factory load" that is because I know if you handload you can make an even more "almost perfect load."

Then, I decided to try to test two brands of subsonic ammo. I bought a box from a company called "Engle Ballistics" at the local high-end gun store where I bought the Remington 700P and John's Gun suppressor. It was over $40/box. I was so excited going out to the ranch and I was so frustrated with the results. I couldn't get a shot better than 1.5" at 100 yards. Compared to the performance from the Federal MatchKing load, I knew the gun could perform, I just had to find the right bullet.

Oh, yeah, did I mention I bought two boxes of Engle because I was so excited! I called the manufacturer and of course, they first questioned my shooting skill. Then they ask a bunch of questions to let me know they are experts. After trying to tell me it was the gun, suppressor, and shooter - ignoring my explanation of excellent performance with other loads - I gave up. I called a couple of gun smiths who work with suppressors and subsonic rounds and they confirmed it was not the gun or suppressor. They also agreed that considering the "intended use" of the subsonic rounds by military and police that 1.5" @ 100 yards was not good enough. If I can shoot 0.5 MOA consistently with another round, then it is the bullet.

We went out a chronographed the bullet and found a very surprising 10% margin between 10 different shots. With that info, I was done with Engle. They actually had a complicated explanation of how my gun could cause the different Chrono stats but the gunsmiths I called said they didn't agree.

A member on told me about TTI Armory and how impressed he was with their .223 subsonic rounds. I asked several gun stores in the area and no one could put me on the track of another high-quality subsonic vendor so I finally called TTI tried to buy a box. These guys have a lot of demand for their product, and after two months I received a heavy little package.

I was so excited, but yet expecting the worst. When I looked at the target I reacted like a child on Christmas. I was as excited about finding the perfect subsonic for my gun as I was about my upcoming first Mule Deer Hunt.

TTI Armory is the best subsonic round I have tested so far.

In defense of Engle and to give a more detailed over view of TTI, I have included a handful of links to good articles I found on the net.

Read a review by Cory Trapp posted on, testing subsonic rounds from Lapua, Black Hills and Engle Ballistic: CLICK HERE
Read a review by David Bahde posted on, testing TTI Armory subsonic rounds at various distances & conditions: CLICK HERE

Finally, the last document that is uploaded with the photos is the Retail Price List. I was surprised that for the quality and performance, they were 1/2 the price of what I paid for Engle. But then again, I bought direct from TTI whereas I bought the Engle rounds from a gun store.

TTI Armory
14884 S. Heritagecrest Way, Suite A
Salt Lake City, UT 84065
Fax: 801-545-0176


Author:Country Comment Left:03/10/2007 17:32

Jason, thanks for the info. 

FYI-  After downloading the price list, I was asked to choose a software to open it.

I choose: Microsoft Works Spreadsheet and it worked.

Author:bd13fishing Comment Left:04/06/2007 02:58
Nice grouping
Author:pdkillr Comment Left:04/19/2007 20:19
Noticed in the pic shooting the rifle you have an earplug in??  Aren't you shooting a suppressed rifle.  How loud is the gun with the TTI ammo?
Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:05/03/2007 19:09
The ear plugs are habit, I was also shooting a .223 while the .308 cooled off between shots
Author:Jebko Comment Left:12/27/2008 18:11

I'm a military rifle buff; I have two FR-8 chambered in 308 NATO.  Is this round suitable for whitetail or would the the new Federal and Winchester 'low velocity' rounds be more economical/practical?  Also I'm converting a Spanish Civil Guard 308 NATO into a 'scout' configuration. Any imput on the ammo?


Thanks ...Jebko

Author:Hogzillanator Comment Left:04/23/2011 12:20

Thanks for the tip on the TTI stuff. I've already dropped them a line and will be buying some.

Author:TeffanyMarino Comment Left:11/16/2013 09:28

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