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30 Point Buck
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30 Point Buck
Category: Native Animal

I did not take this picture. It came via email, and I am passing it on as it seems very interesting and heartwarming!

Text follows:

Shot by an Amish boy with hand made long bow:

This buck was taken by a 14 year old Amish boy near Dalton WI . He used  a hand made long bow and made the killing shot by stalking the huge buck using corn shocks for cover. The boy's family would not allow him to  pose with the trophy animal for pictures so a nearby neighbor, Willie Flacid posed and is also acting as spokesman for the Amish boy.

According to Flacid, the Amish family has already received   several  offers from outdoor sporting companies to purchase the trophy. No dollar amount has been announced yet, but according to Flacid, 'the amount of money being offered is enough that no one would ever be hard  up again.'

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Author:duckwhacker Comment Left:01/13/2009 17:15

Willie Flacid? Dude, you are really falling for the fake stories today.

Author:kenjayne Comment Left:01/13/2009 20:54

Yeh, I guess I am too naive. Wow, Willie Flacid, I never thought of it that way until you mentioned it. I used to know a Chevy dealer called Dick Flick. That was his actual name and his boyhood must have been tough.

Author:wohalliburton Comment Left:01/13/2009 22:58

This is the newest iteration of the original story...have seen it several places already.  The deer was actually taken in Adams County Ohio in 2006 by Johnathon Schmucker of Peebles with a crossbow.  Story here.

Author:wheeless621 Comment Left:01/13/2009 23:14


Author:bobcats40 Comment Left:01/16/2009 13:01

That deer doesnt look real, the picture looks like it was doctored.

Author:wohalliburton Comment Left:01/16/2009 13:09

For once, a picture like that is real and undoctored.  There's a link to the real story...and you can find the same information on sites like North American Whitetail

Author:Jackson5 Comment Left:01/16/2009 15:00

This is an awsome kill. Why are some so unappriciative to what was, because its not thiers!


Author:GK70 Comment Left:02/02/2009 17:50

I thought the Amish don't like to show their faces in pictures.


Longrod Von Hugendong

Author:mrbigtexan Comment Left:02/09/2009 22:52

2 stars for ya'll making me laugh with your comments!!!