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The Doe and the Bobcat
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The Doe and the Bobcat
Category: Native Animal

Got this via email.


Today, I had something very different happen to me at Burn's field.


This morning saw me sitting in my tri-pod, suffering thru 30 deg. temps with a biting NW wind in my face. Sure, some of you have it colder, but, this is Florida!! Right about the time I started to begin a stalk hunt (to warm up), seven does filled the end of the field and I picked out the one safe shot and dropped her in her tracks. The other does ran off, then slowly returned to stay around another 45 min.or so. When the last one started leaving, I began to get down as no Bucks wanted to come out and play.  Half-way down the ladder, I looked back into the field and saw my doe jerk!!!  By the way, she was only about 120 yds. away, so, to see her move, something bad was going on. At first I thought she had only been stunned with a high spine shot and was starting to get up. Then, I saw another body along side of her and I thought the .270 has shot thru her and hit another deer that was bunched up after all.  Then the object I couldn't make out, attacked the doe's head and was all balled up around it.  Yote ' ,  I thought!!!  I quickly climbed back into the shooting chair, re-attached my steady stick, centered the mass outline on the doe's head and squeezed the trigger. Puff of hair, no movement.

After getting down and easing over to the doe, attached you will see the huge  male bobcat that was trying to kill my dead doe.  He died instantly by my .270 injection, so quick in fact, he still had the death grip on the doe's neck.  I've never seen or heard of something like this in my life.  Even when I loaded the doe up on my carrier,! the bobcat was still attached to her neck.  While I haven't weighed the bobcat, the doe was in the 120 to 130 lb. range.  You can see how the bobcat was almost as long as she was.

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Author:wohalliburton Comment Left:12/29/2008 11:12
Author:ana Comment Left:12/29/2008 11:50

I experienced something similar many years ago at The King Ranch. I was in a blind, rifle out aiming at a feeder and viewing the deer through the scope, when suddenly out of the tall grass a bobcat jumps out onto the back of an adult doe and tries the killer bite. It did not get the bite and as it tried to jump for a second attack, I shot it. It measured over 36 inches and is the biggest bobcat I have killed to date. I always wished I would have had a video camera that day.

What a picture! and what a kill!

Author:jcnix84 Comment Left:12/30/2008 09:34

cool story and pics, thanks for the post.

Author:Hunter The Hunter Comment Left:01/01/2009 14:37
Author:FULLSNEAK Comment Left:01/11/2009 10:50
big bobcat!