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Category: Fishing

baby catfish out of backyard pond   can someone give me the species? I'm thinking yellow cat

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Author:nkoi Comment Left:04/23/2008 11:13

Mud cat.

Author:kesoliver Comment Left:04/23/2008 11:18

Kinda cute when they are that small. I believe mudcat also.

Author:unclebubba73 Comment Left:04/23/2008 11:58

Yellow cat, Mud cat, Flathead cat.  I was always under the impression that they were three names for the same species of Catfish.  I did some research and yes, they are all the same fish.  pylodictis olivaris.  World Record - 123 lbs.  I have always called them Mud cats too.

Author:ETX BowHunter Comment Left:04/23/2008 13:10

The comon name for that fish is a Mudcat among most Texans, but what it is called is a Bullhead catfish, not to be mistaken with the, Yellow Cat, Flathead or Opelousas Catfish, which are considered game fish in the state of Texas.

Author:abotello Comment Left:04/23/2008 13:53

even though it is not a gamefish, is it good to eat??

Author:nkoi Comment Left:04/23/2008 14:14


Author:ETX BowHunter Comment Left:04/23/2008 14:33

Abotello, there probley not very good out of your pond. when i was a kid we used to camp along Peach Creek, we would catch them and eat em, but keep in the water was cold, clear and running all year long with nothing but sandy bottoms. But heck you could give it a try, people eat Mullet.

Author:unclebubba73 Comment Left:04/23/2008 22:22

Good to eat!?!  I never met a catfish that wasn't good to eat!...'Course, I like smoked mullet too...

Author:duckwhacker Comment Left:04/24/2008 09:52

I love smoked mullet! Grew up eating it every summer with my grandfather down in Panama City, Fl. We would eat it when we were out fishing with some cheese and onion and crackers.

Good stuff.


Author:ETX BowHunter Comment Left:04/24/2008 15:31

Never tried it, but i guess i need to.

Author:thedosranchhand Comment Left:05/01/2008 14:39

i wouldnt try it