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Wick Snake Chaps: Product Review

Written on: 02/19/2007 20:52 by: txtrigger2003        
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 Last year I posted a thread asking for advice on heavy cover gear and got little by way of replies.  On another forum, however, I first was told about the virtues of Filson chaps and later heard of some by Wick that were supposedly even more durable.  I thought that I would take a minute to share my field test results of both the Filsons and the Wicks -- and I hope others will take the time to share info on products that exceed expectations (or fail miserably to measure up) so that we can all benefit and get the most bang for our hunting-gear-budget buck. 

I bought some Filson tin cloth chaps in 2006 and felt that they worked fairly well -- they keep you dry if there is dew on the grass and they provide reasonable protection against cactus and thorns and stickers and such, though some needles will penetrate (especially the larger, sturdier needles).  I suffered a few flesh wounds to the thigh but otherwise survived.  They were a little tough to get on and off, as you have to remove your boots in the process.  Got my Filsons as used ones off eBay, so I will keep them and let guest hunters borrow them as needed. 

Last summer I decided to try the Wick chaps and went with the snake-proof version.  Now that I have field tested them, I can definitely recommend them over the Filsons if you want to avoid getting jabbed by cactus and mesquite and other vicious plants that spring up all over West Texas.  The Wick chaps are extremely durable, washable (easier to maintain than the waxed Filsons), and so easy to get on/off without removing your boots (zippers extend full length except for a couple of inches at the top).   Another big plus for the Wicks -- price!  The snake chaps run just $60 and the regular model costs $40, a fraction of what Filson gear runs.  Oh, and Wick also offers very economical starter chaps for kids, too.

The only real con is that they are warm.  When it is in the 30's, that is a plus, but I wore them hunting today and it was in the mid-70s.  They got pretty toasty, but in the end that was better than getting hammered by cactus needles.  So far nothing has penetrated the Wicks and they look brand new once you run them through the wash.  This was money well spent.

I have also heard good things about TurtleSkin chaps, which are supposedly incredibly durable and lightweight, but they cost a small fortune and I have yet to try them.  But if you are looking for some tough-as-nails hunting chaps, check out the Wick products (try Googling "Wick Outdoor Works").  They also make a variety of coats and other items, and given how pleased I am with the chaps I bought, I may have to try their other product lines in the future! 



Author:Jason Parrish Comment Left:02/19/2007 21:44
Thank you for sharing this info, I was just one hour ago thinking about needing to buy some this season. Could you add a photo?
Author:duckwhacker Comment Left:02/20/2007 07:45
I need some camo snake chaps before turkey season. I was almost bitten this past season.
Author:txtrigger2003 Comment Left:02/20/2007 07:49
Jason, I forgot to mention how nice the Wick folks are -- I decided to phone in my order as I had a couple of thoughts about possibly getting a custom order.  They are friendly and their goal is to make you happy with their product.  In the end, the custom changes I wanted to make, they said, had been attempted a few times before and the results were not excellent.  Instead of just charging me more for the customizing, they said I would be happier with the standard set up but they'd do what I wanted.  I listened and ordered the standard cnake chaps like they recommended.  They were right and my concerns (reasons for wanting to make a few changes) were not an issue just like they said.  I am told their custom coats/jackets are awesome, and I am thinking of buying one for next season.
Author:jbr81900 Comment Left:02/21/2007 17:14
Good Info, I could have used some when I was hunting W Texas when I was younger!
Author:coondog Comment Left:03/02/2007 20:49
I have some of the hip boots from Wick there great for busting thru brair pacthes in East Texas. I'm on my second pair, the first pair last four years before the boots  gave out.
Author:Cowboy Comment Left:03/07/2007 12:05
Will have to try them out.