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Texas Lake Levels

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While fishing Lake Austin this morning, a police officer was kind enough to escort my fishing buddy and I back to the boat ramp immediately after spotting us.  Which was nice of him, except for the fact that we were catching fish and enjoying the fact that we were the only boaters on the lake for a change.  

The lake was closed to boaters (except for the cops, who for some reason had a bag of watermelon red brush hogs on the dash of their boat), because the lake was at an extremely high water level and was apparently about to get a lot higher since the LRCA had scheduled the opening of another flood gate in about an hour.  The good news is that it is pretty safe to say the low water level situation in Texas reservoirs is finally over.  

Recent wide spread rains have brought lakes across most of Texas to normal levels despite the extreme drought conditions that have prevailed throughout the state during the past several years.  For the first time in 3 years the LCRA will be opening the flood gates to drain excess water in Lake Buchanan and Lake Travis. 

Wednesday June 27, 2007, approximately 124,000 cubic feet of water was flowing out of Starke Dam between Lake Marble Falls and Lake Travis, which is 3.3 billion gallons of water per hour.  For a reference: an average swimming pool holds about 25,000 gallons of water. 

Not only are central Texas Lakes filling up just in time for summer, but so are the impoundments in east Texas.  After drought conditions less than a year ago in this region that were as bad as they have been in the past fifty years, this is certainly a welcome site. 

Here are a few good resources for checking Texas lake levels, fishing lake conditions in Texas, and flow conditions for Texas rivers: (Texas Rivers) 
(Thank "rsaxon" for sugesting this one, it is really good )


Author:bd13fishing Comment Left:06/28/2007 02:46

I check the lake levels daily and its crazy how much water some lakes have gained, hopefully they will stay full pool all year

Author:rsaxon Comment Left:06/29/2007 15:56
It nice to have Texas lake up. check out this link, it provides information on more lakes in Texas.