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Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Hog Hunting >> Helicopter Hog Hunting

Helicopter Hog Hunting

Texas Hunting
Texas Hunting
Texas Hunting writes about Helicopter Hog HuntingTexas Hunting writes about Helicopter Hog HuntingTexas Hunting writes about Helicopter Hog HuntingTexas Hunting writes about Helicopter Hog Hunting
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Now this is a hog hunting roundup.  These folks killed around 100 pigs during their weekend helicopter hunt.  It's still amazing to me how many of hunts like this go on around Texas and yet STILL the pig population never seems to let up!

  • Helicopter Hog Hunting
  • Helicopter Hog Hunting
  • Helicopter Hog Hunting
  • Helicopter Hog Hunting

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RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting

udamdan writes about udamdan writes about udamdan writes about
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Dallas county

Holy Cow . I mean Hog !

Great Video

RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting


LSDude writes about
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Houston man killed in helicopter crash during South Texas hog-hunting tripby Associated PressPosted on March 8, 2010 at 11:47 AM******

COTULLA, Texas -- A helicopter crash during a hunting trip on a ranch in south Texas left the pilot and a passenger dead.The Texas Department of Public Safety on Monday identified the vi...ctims as the 40-year-old pilot, Brian Keith Faglie of Uvalde, and 52-year-old Dale Allen Jones of Houston. DPS says both were pronounced dead by a La Salle County justice of the peace.The cause of Saturday’s crash of a Robinson R22 is sought. The accident happened at a ranch about 13 miles north of Cotulla, in the Dilley area. The small helicopter went down in a field.Investigator Tim LeBaron with the National Transportation Safety Board says Faglie was the pilot during the hog hunting trip. LeBaron says the weather was not bad at the time of the crash late Saturday morning.

RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting


wcoutdoors writes about
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feral pig problem in our area is like the plague.  A typical sow will litter 8-15 pigs and they will begin to breed at about 6-8 months of age and so on....

RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting

hog maulers
hog maulers
hog maulers writes about
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Galveston county

check this youtube video out! great door gunner first person shooter. man do they roll them hogs.

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RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting


597newbie writes about
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Here is the best youtube clip.  

Nueces Helicopter Pig Hunt (no music)


here is another that mixes apocalypse now with the scenes from the first.  

Apocalypse Hog - Bill Kilgore leads Texas Air Cavalry on Helicopter Hog Eradication Hunt Mission

RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting


AGeofEASE08 writes about
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man i want to do that so bad!! i would pay to go on a hunt like that.

RE: Helicopter Hog Hunting


VertexHelicopters writes about
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“There are about 170 permits that have been issued to companies in Texas who are authorized to provide aerial hog eradication” states Mike Morgan, President of Houston-based Vertex Helicopters “Unfortunately, many landowners find that the rates for hiring a helicopter are too costly, so they try to hunt the hogs on their own from the ground, which is slow and cumbersome, and honestly doesn’t even make a dent in the population.”

The State of Texas is voting on a bill that will allow for a change in the laws regarding the hunting of feral hogs from a helicopter which will authorize the land owner, or the land owner’s “agent” (ie, private hunters) to actually hunt from the helicopter.  This will essentially allow the landowner to “sell the hunter seat”, making it much more affordable to pay for the helicopter services.

“We fully support this Bill, but we see a number of potential problems arising when it passes. Our helicopters are flown by highly trained pilots, and the gunners are trained specifically to perform aerial hunting from a helicopter.  This isn’t something that the average hunter is trained to do.” states Morgan. “Hunting from a helicopter requires strict coordination with the pilot, and also requires many different skill sets that are vastly different than normal hunting techniques. We're not exactly shooting from a pickup truck. Shooting from a helicopter isn’t as easy as people think.”

Vertex has developed an Aerial Hunter Safety Course that is specific to hunters who would be hiring a helicopter service to hunt hogs. "This isn’t your normal ‘Hunting Class’, either." continues Morgan, "This is an intensive safety course that will prepare the hunter to be able to know everything that they need to know about shooting from a helicopter, what do to in case of an emergency, and even helps them to understand the liability implications of worst case scenarios.”

"What happens if they accidentally shoot a rotor blade? What happens if they drop a magazine and it goes through the tail rotor?  Things like this can destroy a helicopter.  If it happens, who is liable?  Our course gives the hunter detailed guidance on everything from the type of helicopter to contract, the best choice of weapon, how to shoot effectively, how to communicate with the pilot, and state laws governing hunting from a helicopter. The most important part of our training course is the hands-on actual firing from the helicopter at ground targets while the helicopter is moving.”

“We look forward to seeing this bill pass, but we feel strongly that there need to be very strict safety parameters put in place.  Many of these aircraft cost in excess of $300,000, so if a hunter isn’t operating safely, or accidentally causes damage to a helicopter or injures someone then it’s all over the news with negative publicity. Our goal is to help prevent these problems and to make helicopter hunting a safe venture.”

Vertex Helicopters offers their Aerial Hunting Safety Course at least one weekend per month at a cost of $350 per attendee. The course is an all-day course with 4 hours of classroom instruction in the morning and hands-on training in the helicopter on an active range during the afternoon.  Each class is limited to 12 people to keep the instruction more concentrated, resulting in more interaction and additional time for hands-on training. Depending on the location, VERTEX Helicopters will travel with one of the aircraft to perform the classes for larger groups at remote locations when scheduling allows.

VERTEX Helicopters is a full service helicopter company  located at 8888 W. Monroe Rd at Hobby Airport in Houston, Texas.  They can be reached at (281) 616-5095 or you can visit their website at or email them directly at

Forums >> Texas Hunting >> Texas Hog Hunting >> Helicopter Hog Hunting

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